The Back Passage by James Lear.

The Back Passage is a fab read. It is like Agatha Christie (which I love) with astonishingly frequent sex, some seriously funny moments and a murder mystery to boot.

Our hero Mitch is on holiday at an English country side home with his friend, and soon to be lover,  Boy Morgan. While not terribly altruistic, Mitch is a likable rouge and has been dying to get into Morgan’s pants since the first time he met him at Cambridge. He’s set about it in a deliberate manner and has high hopes that the weekend away will be the culmination of months of subtle seduction. Morgan is engaged to be married after all, but not altogether reluctant.

While hiding in a closet with Boy, and doing some rather furious fooling around, a dead body is discovered. Coitus interruptus! Unable to leave well enough alone, Mitch takes it upon himself to investigate the murder when it looks like an innocent man may be jailed. With Boy as his trusty sidekick and a whenever, whoever and wherever attitude (srsly WHENEVER) Mitch looks deeper into the crime and finds all is not as it seems in Drekeham Hall.

There is a little something there for the die hard romantics but I would not class it as a romance as such. But, there are bad cops, voyeuristic house staff, hot groundsmen on horseback, opportunistic chauffeurs and a secret back passage so I think there is a little something for everyone. My one caution, don’t read it in public. Because when you do get snapped by someone who has read it you’re more than likely be up to smex and there is nothing worse than trying to get coffee with a red face! They just know what you’re reading… heh. 

You can get it here at Amazon.
The Secret Tunnel – due later this year.
Transcript of interview – he is quite funny and I loved his attitude, “if it ain’t making you want to have an orgasm it’s failed.” heh.
Another, not as funny, article from The Independent.


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  1. LB ~ I know, same! I am poked at the moment. Too much work, too much time ferreting around on the net and a desire to run on a machine while listening to loud music. Maybe less iron tablets? gah.

    Jen~Ta. I really liked this book, it was so bawdy. Made me snigger ALOT! And very sexy. Will definitely keep an eye out for the Gay Haunt, I do like Victor he is another one with a delicious mind!

  2. This is a great book, funny smart, and I laughed so hard during the ‘watching the groom and his lover make out’ scene I thought my kids would call 911. The only thing about reading this while waiting to pick the kids up from school is the cover. Which I really can’t say sucks. I have a hard time taking my eyes off it. But it did shock the soccer moms. (some of them, anyway.)

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