Online reading and musical interlude…

Some online comics that are excellent reading…

xkcd – Stickmen and geekiness.

Lackadaisy cats – Prohibition cats.

Rated Z – Myth. Cool and very sexy. 

I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space – Cute art and story.

Penny Arcade! – sew funny.

Adam and Andy – Adam, Andy and their dog Baxter.

Cool movie – Control is about Joy Divison and Ian Curtis, their lead singer. While not a particularly uplifting movie it is cool and an interesting watch. Check out a great clip of Love Will Tear Us Apart. If you are into this kinda music then you must see 24 Hour Party People. One of the beloved’s favorite movies of all time. It is about Factory Records and the early Manchester music scene. Wicked cool. 

After Joy Division the 3 remaining boys formed New Order. In 2001 they put out a new album called Get Ready, which we nearly played a hole in. My favorite song on the album is Crystal… oh those guitars, merow. If you like that then try 60 miles an hour.
Even more cool geekry is that Brandon Flowers formed The Killers around 2001 and they got their name from the fictional band who performs the New Order song below. Brandon is such a hottie and sings the most gorgeous song, Read my mind, from their album Hot Fuss, which is down thar further. Best lyrics ever… magic soakin my spine.


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