How to be srsly uncool on the internets.

So, Patrick thinks he is a bit of an art whore… I reckon I might give him a run for his money.
After spending more time than is healthy dribbling over some delicious work by my newly discovered European artist I had the brilliant idea I would email. Oh hai! How are you… do you like shoes? 

The only problem being I am not sure how much English he speaks. Not to worry, Google can help, its language tools are just like magic. You type, google translates, you cut, you paste, you send. Easy!

Sew…. no reply? And, fair enough he might be like on holiday or buying sneakers or… just not keen on the unhealthily art obsessed. heh. Who me??

It then occurred that maybe there was something wrong with my translation and it was suggested I check with an actual speaker of zee language. So I did…

“Was it bad?” I asked, still innocently hopeful that Google had effectively translated my message with out altering context or meaning.
“Yes the message below is quite bad,” came the reply. She was very kind and sweet. Oh noes! It seems I had come across like a mentally impaired Yoda. Capable interviewer I am. The force has not been with me on this one. I believe I may have been deleted as spam and/or asked for assistance with removing 1 Billion Dolllars from the New Zealand banking system. Good gravy. That poor boy. No more emails I promise.

Grazie e baci Elisa Rolle (hope I got that right!) NO more google language tools. My beloved, soon to be former, is still rolling around the floor laughing at me. Dick. AND not in a good way. 

In other less mortifying news, I finished a book. Woot! You should read it. It is really hot, sweet and surprisingly good. As I have had the attention span of gnat this week this short and sexy goodness was just brilliant. Check it out here. Dorm Porn 2: More Steamy Tales of Boys on Campus.

Saw this over at Just Beautiful Men. Lovely German telly called Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love). Quite conveniently translated (correctly) by ichglotzutube. Noice. You can also check out the new HBO Charlaine Harris series coming soon via the sidebar. I cannot wait to see it. Even if Anna has annoyingly perky boobs!


9 thoughts on “How to be srsly uncool on the internets.

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  1. Elisa Rolle is a sweet woman. Fer SHer.

    HAHAHHAHAHA. Not laughing AT you. Ok, yes I am. I’d totally have done that. I’ve sent out some lovely emails in my own language. Shake it off. Keep going. Heh. Just not in Italian.

  2. Oh yeah, online translators suck. Big hairy ones. I don’t know why they can’t get that together. Mainly, they literally translate word for word and that’s not how it works.

    I’d just send an email in English. Most people around the world know basic English and even more in writing as opposed to spoken, so you’re pretty safe to do so and get understood.

    But sounds like good times in international relations. 🙂

  3. Oh the mortification. And the SO has finally stopped sniggering at me. hehe. And please don’t worry, I was laughing at me too.

    I should totally work for the UN – I’d be great! 🙂

  4. Heh. Gotta love the online translators. 🙂

    I luuurrve that pic of the two boys kissing. Yummm.

    I haven’t read Dorm Porn 2 yet, but I loved the first one. Looks like I need to do some more shopping. 😀

  5. You warned me. Why did I not listen!!

    Dorm Pron 2 was cute and good. Reminded me a little of the Matthew Haldeman-Time which I did so enjoy! 😉

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