Beautiful Thing Review

Beautiful Thing came out in 1996 and is still garnering regular reviews on Amazon and rates a solid 7.4 on IMDB. I think it is a testament to the heartwarming nature of this film that after all these years it still has a following. Me included!

Jamie has lived most of his life on a housing estate in south east London. He knows he is different from everyone else at school and is often teased and bullied. He tries to keep it hidden from his mother, played by the incredible Linda Henry, without much luck. She is such a tough cookie and provides some stirling and often hilarious moments. Ste lives next door and while he seems more adept at fitting in with the soccer boys at school he has his own problems at home. His father and older brother are both physically abusive  and after one particularly heartbreaking incident Ste stays over with Jamie and his mother. You already feel the tension between Jamie and Ste leading up to this moment, the long looks and shy gazes, but this is when the uncertainty and anticipation kicks into high gear. The boys have to deal with their awakening sexuality, fear of discovery and growing up against the back drop of a London summer. Beautiful.

This was such an incredibly sweet movie and a real joy to watch. You can check it out at Amazon here and IMDB here. Youtube has a squillion clips but here is one I particularly liked due to the fab soundtrack! 


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  1. Great review, Sarah! This is such a sweet movie. I would actually watch it again. It’s not quite Shelter, but I don’t think anything could live up to that. *sigh*

    I hear good things about Eleven Men Out. It’s subtitled. What about The Conrad Boys?

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