Reviews, stuff and undies.

2 days into the week and crazy busy already. On a positive note there has been less rain in the roof than on and I got to do some fab review reading tonight. 

Over at Nose In A Book, Lisabea and Teddypig are goofing off again. They’ve done a bloody funny review on Morgan Hawke’s book Fallen Star. A warning, there should be no drinking of any beverages near your keyboard whilst reading this. Terribly unattractive to snort drink on ones laptop. Srsly! They crack me up. And really, what is not to like about a a book with not 1, not 2 but 4 cocks. How do you like them bananas…?

Over at Eye for Film Martin Grey does a review of Dante’s Cove: Season Three. After reading his thoughts he’s convinced me to give it another crack. I have not made it past part 1 Season 1, about 15 minutes in. I believe he mentions the scene about Ambrosius where I got up to. Eeep! There is also a massive archive of reviews worth checking out at the site.

My final check this out is Jen over at The Ginger Kid’s Den of Iniquity. She has a query (snort) and a cool review on Crossing Borders. I love her sidebar and have spent quite a bit of time ferreting through links. Noice!

Finally, I want some Ginch Gonch for girls. I am quite sure they’d look magic on my ass! I have a serious undie thing at present. Merow.



6 thoughts on “Reviews, stuff and undies.

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  1. My blog question is a very serious one. I need answers! 😛

    My boss wears those Ginch Gonch undies (I know way more than a secretary should know about her boss’s shopping habits).

  2. I have Dante’s Cove Season 1 on DVD but I don’t know if I even managed to watch 15 minutes in. I thought it was so bad. But Reichen Lehmkuhl joinded the cast for season 3, didn’t he? He looks kinda yummy. :o)

  3. I didn’t make it through much more than 15 minutes of the first Dante’s Cove either. I think I made it to where the two witch ladies were arguing about going down to see whats-his-face.

    Queer as Folk is *so* much better.

    Hey Sarah, I watched Beautiful Thing last night. It was so sweet! Though sometimes it felt like they were speaking a different language. Oy, that British slang is a killer.

  4. I loved it. It was so sweet and I think the chick who plays his mum is amazing. I totally get the brit slang thing, but I think that is because a lot of our programs are British on the tv.

    Need something new to watch… Shelter 2?

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