Arty Stuff from Baddog Ltd.

This is such cool work. It is dark, moody and luscious. Not only is the art compelling but Stephen has excellent taste in music. Underworld, Nick CaveLisa Gerrard and Bowie? Nice! I reccomend this link  PJ Harvey to listen to whilst perusing his gallery… one of my favorite songs. Makes me think of driving all night to dance and still keeping on when my feet went numb. Wild. You can check out the lyrics to Born Slippy when you click on the photo entitled Skin Trade.

Stephen’s site is here and his page on deviant art here.












Posted with permission.


8 thoughts on “Arty Stuff from Baddog Ltd.

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  1. WOW very nice I really like the one with the green car. Reminds me of when I was younger.

    Oh and we are doing HAWT menz on DIK so if you send me any pictures of dirty/bad boys I will post them tomorrow and Wednesday is COWBOY day. So *clears throat* keep that in mind!

    Thanks for the links LOL I need more pretty stuff to look at!

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