Watching the youtubes and arty stuff.

I have spent far to long today watching Friday Night Project on youtube laughing my ass off. I do love a Brit comedy and Alan Carr nearly made me cry with laughter.

Ones I watched are Gok Wan. Gok does a cool show called How To Look Good Naked. Then watched John Barrowman who is the omnisexual Captain Jack in Torchwood. He is gorgeous and pretty funny. The last one I have seen is David Tennant who is the delicious Dr Who

Part One Gok Wan here.

Part One John Barrowman here.

Part One David Tennant here.

While looking at arts I cam across a couple of cool works I liked. These are from Aquagraphics. You can also check out the blog here, which is in spanish? Again, I have used the cool google translator thing but am always worried it is going to come out wrong and I’m going to ask some poor artist if I can put their socks on my blog… eeep!  

I do like angels.



2 thoughts on “Watching the youtubes and arty stuff.

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  1. Yup, more Spanish. 🙂 Google Translator is okay for reading, but awful for translating what you want to say. It can be (and often is) really embarrassing.

    I love the artwork!

  2. Yeah, I liked the work also. I thought it was bit more fantasy . Read a cool book a while ago about angels and set in an alternate history by Faith Hunter. The books are Bloodring, Seraphs and Host. Pretty cool.

    Dear lord, I sent something off in Italian the other day… just imagining what I said… eeep! Suffering from maroon syndrome.

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