Weekend smexin and insertions.

I have read a couple of articles over the last few days (probably a week or so after everyone else! Late to the party or what??) about why women read romance and a documentary mentioned on the Smart Bitches site. What caught my attention was the belief held by some that readers want to insert themselves into a story… me, I’m a fly on the wall I think! Then I did a peruse over at Romancing the blog and their insertion post.

 Interesting  stuff but I am desperate to tell someone to watch Shelter or Beautiful Thing rather than just stick to BBM. Check it out at the following sites. and yeah, insert?? *snort* had me laughing. Puerile much?


Smart Bitches post here.

Romancing the blog post here.

Jessica Freely has a post here.

I am also thrilled to see the naked rugby boys got some world wide media attention here(Saw this at Smart Bitches.) Woot!

Early next week I have an interview to share On Art. Can’t wait! 


5 thoughts on “Weekend smexin and insertions.

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  1. I still need to watch A Beautiful Thing! And my stupid boss still has my copy of Shelter, or I probably would have already watched it again this weekend.

    I have never inserted myself into a story. I read for entertainment, not so I can pretend to be somebody else.

    But wouldn’t it be totally warped if we were pretending to be horny gay men while reading our m/m books? LOLOLOL

  2. Okay, so apparently I need to start watching rugby!

    And I read (and write) for the sheer entertainment of it, and to visit new places and meet new people… and to make the voices in my head stop telling me their stories!

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