This is one of my favorite photos at the moment. I really love the color in this picture. It looks cool, almost cold but the image is erotic and hot. Fingers gripping the board… Like it a lot! You can check out the artist DG Smiths work here. He has quite a few links and you can do some buying online. 

Posted with permission.  

8 thoughts on “Pool.

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  1. Me likey!!!!! I need more time to look at pictures.

    How’s the thing coming, Sarah? With the nekkid well hungs? OH I CAN”T WAIT. I’m at his site way way too much.

  2. Oooh, this is very nice. Very hot, but very aesthetic as well. It evokes a very sweet emotion.

    I really love the pic on the side too under, “A Kiss”

  3. Lisabea, it is coming along well. have pics, *blink* Oh I so like. I think sometimes I get a bit carried away looking at teh man pron and not enough time working on captivating reviews. As for posting my interview… I am hoping early next week at this stage. Need to proof, send back then do the pics and I am done and dusted. Think I have another lined up. woot!

    I like the kiss also, what did make me wonder was all the feet I can see standing around in the background! I am le perve! Let me know if you want a larger copy.

  4. How wonderful. Look you don’t only need to review! (says the woman who never reviews anymore). Branch out! This is so wicked cool and I can’t wait.

    And I commented on his blog. I saw Jen too . He’s pro’lly like: wtf with these chicks?! But oooooohhhh so talented, that one.

    gush much?

  5. heh. gush is good! I like writing reviews but only for stuff I really like, as I run out of things to say and then just waffle.

    And, lets face it. Looking at the mens and comics is a dirty job, and I am so the girl for it!

  6. You have so much good photography – here, down with Diego below there. I love this photo, too. Hanging off the diving board like that, who hasn’t done it? Not kissing, but that is something that resonates with my senses in a really cool way! And then add the kissing…

  7. Thank you! I love pictures, comics, photos, paintings. Bit of a visual thing. :o)

    It has been cool to share, be nosey and email the artists themselves. I have a great deal of admiration for someone who can paint a picture, take a good photo or draw something and capture that moment or feeling so it is instantly conveyed without words.

    Now I just have to keep saving the pennies to buy some! Not helped by the irony that is not rain ON the roof this weekend but rain IN the roof. heh.

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