Shelter Review – Gay Comic Geek.

I found this on the Gay Comic Geeks youtube site. He does a really cool review of Shelter which Jen suggested I watch. I have now watched it more than once! If you’ve not seen it, do. I’d also recommend Beautiful Thing which I saw the other week. The actress in the movie who plays Jamie’s mother, Linda Henry, is quite incredible. The tagline for Beautiful Thing is *An urban fairytale.*

Anywho, please enjoy the review of Shelter! 

You can also check out his blog here. Thank you GCG!!!!


3 thoughts on “Shelter Review – Gay Comic Geek.

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  1. I love love LOVE this move and have pimped it out to everyone I know. My boss is actually borrowing my copy at the moment.

    I’ve watched it four times now and it gets better every time. My Amazon revies is getting some nice votes too.

    I’m glad you liked the movie enough to talk about it, and I’m glad GCG did too!!

  2. I cannot thank you enough for the rec. I just LOVED it and have watched it lots.

    Yeah, and I went back and watched the scene where he bangs on the door and they are kissing on the stairs… so romantic and so freakin hot… merow.

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