L.A. Heat by P.A. Brown.

Synopsis from here at Alyson Bookstore.

When LAPD detective David Laine first encounters hunky party boy Chris Bellamere, it is to interrogate him about the murder of one of Chris’s many sexual conquests. When Chris’s efforts to prove his own innocence mark him as a victim, David steps in to save him, and finds himself falling in love with a man who might be a brutal murderer. P.A. Brown’s debut is a gritty mystery set in LA’s edgy, less glamorous East Side, where gangs co-mingle with gays, gunfire is heard after dark, and where a gay cop like David Laine could live undetected. At least until now

First of all, I throughly enjoyed this book. Being a total mystery and thriller geek this appealed to me immediately. And in paperback? The inner bibliophile is quietly content.

Chris appealed to me on many different levels. He is the kind of hero who does seem just a little morally ambivalent. But you forgive him because he has just not met the *one*… (god, I’m channeling the Matrix.ha!) He is just a boy, out having a good time and it’s all about the nookie. He does have the odd moment when he wants something more but I felt there was a hesitance to commit as no one had really touched him emotionally. So, he’s out looking, alot. Chis is also beautiful which got me thinking about this post here and the beauty of men. 

David is a cop and firmly in the closet at work. He makes a trip every now and then to Palm Springs to indulge the smexin, and is out to his family but his colleagues are still in the dark. This made him seem very alone and he has walls to keep people, like Chris, out. He is older, darker and more of a strong silent type. A perfect foil for our other hero, who is more of the shiney, bright variety.

The mystery was well paced and had surprising twists and turns that kept me going till the end. Which was cool, because I am a shocker for deciding who did it and wrapping the crime up by page 10. It does not pull any punches in the violence department and some of the material about the crime and the killer was pretty graphic but it did not interfere with my enjoyment of the book.

The sex is very brief and not at all explicit. Kind of a kiss at the door and fade to black affair. But I was so wrapped up in the story I did not care. A shock, I know! I do love the sex in my books! But what you did read was enough and you just know it was hot (over active imagination).

I seriously have my toes, eyes and fingers crossed AGAIN, that this wonderful author has some more books coming soon. This was a perfect rainy night thriller and kept me up waaaay past my bedtime.


Get the goodness here and here in ebook form.
Get the paperback here. 
An interview with the characters here.
A list of more erotic short stories with David and Chris here.
Authors website here and blog here.


6 thoughts on “L.A. Heat by P.A. Brown.

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  1. Did you read the original paperback from Alyson or the ebook (just published on 7/8/2008)? The reason I ask is because the ebook has been expanded with a bit more hot action between Chris and David. Not enough to overdo, but a little bit more to tantalize your imagination.

    Thanks for the review, glad to know you enjoyed the book.

    Publisher, Bristlecone Pine Press

  2. Hi there Leslie, I read the original paperback. To be honest the lack was not a biggie, sometimes it is but only if I felt it would have helped the plot. And yeah, I like it. heh. I tend to grab any books down here that are in the m/m genre as soon as they appear as they’re like hens teeth.

    I enjoyed the book immensely and am really hoping there is another book. They’re such engaging characters and a good read!

  3. OH, this looks so good. And it’s also in e-book, which I prefer. And that it’s probably got a wee bit more in the sex dept in the newer version makes It’s a definite buy for me.

    Very nice review!

  4. So do I usually, but if I can get pb then I am all for it. We very rarely get the down here so I do grab if I can.

    Your blog is looking great BTW!

  5. I’m glad to see you enjoyed it ~
    I was so engrossed in the book as well that when came the non-graphic sex scenes I also didn’t care.
    My favorite character was David! Totally loved him, he was awesome ❤
    I’m really hoping the author writes another book too.

  6. Isan, sweet!!!!

    I loved David, he was srsly cool. I was up till god knows when late reading it. Had to put it down as my eyes were so heavy in the end, did not want to though. 🙂

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