Weekday smexin.

I have spent far to much time online in the last 2 days… I will end up with square eyes!

Stephanie Vaughan did a short wee piece on advertising at her blog here. Merow.

I really enjoy reading James Buchanan’s blog at live journal. He is pretty funny. I still think the discussion with spawn about the rings was hilarious. There is more about dinner…

Ismael Álvarez has a kinda fan sign making thing going on. I think entries have closed but the pictures are worth having a nosey at here

Mike, from Mikemen, did this incredibly sexy pic here. Mens with wings, beauty and blue and SIGH.

And this?? This is just some funny shit. Esp her DRAHMA post, “snort” and her Butthurt Report??

This last is a special for Jen. The budgie smuggler, or speedo, as discussed at her blog… NZ mens, doncha just love them???? 


13 thoughts on “Weekday smexin.

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  1. entries at ismael alvarez haven’t been closed yet, so you are on time to try to win the prize. An ismael alvarez drawing! so send your fansign!!!! (you have time until august 30th)

  2. WHAT the hell is it Sarah? i said the lamest thing ever..but if there is a prize and it’s some art work of those shloinky hot boiz..ohhhh yesssss.

    sorry. What is it?

  3. Eurodipity, eeep!!!! I might just enter!

    Shannon, I really love that video, makes me snort every time its on the tv.

    LB – What the hell is the competition? You have to make a fan kinda dedication on paper, card or skin for Ismael. Might have to get Jen, who can read spanish, to check and make sure I have the details correct.

  4. Oh, and top right on his site there is a button that says english version, it is pink with a star. Click and it translates everything, well mostly and I know besos means kisses.

    Eurodipity, does it need to be in Spanish??

  5. Sarah, you got it right. You have to submit artwork–drawing, cartoon, or photo that incorporates Ismael’s name. Write his name on your ass and take a photo…draw a cartoon of a nekkid guy with Ismael’s name as a tattoo…whatever. Whatever phrase you write with his name has to be in Spanish. Something like
    “Sarah y Ismael = Amor Por Siempre”

    Like these examples:

  6. Thank you!!! Have got camera, but I am QUITE sure it won’t be a pic of my ass, ho noes!!!! Far to white, it is winter here and have not broken my new thong bikini in…. kidding.

    So LB… your ass on internets????

  7. Weird…this morning when I checked out his site there were “Spanish Only” banners all over the fansign posts. Now I can’t find them…how bizarre.

  8. Oh, had not seen that page…
    Going to have nosey now. Ta!

    GOD… deviantart.com, bad, bad, bad.. have just spent over and hour there!!!

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