Visual man smexin.

Comics are cool. My earliest comics were Tintin, Asterix and US imports you’d occasionally find in 2nd hand stores or bookshops if you were lucky. I am a total geek for movie translations like X-Men, Superman, Batman and Hell Boy. The opportunities for slash amongst the extended X-Men team have always been intriguing. Beast bear smexin or Wolverine and Gambit? Merow! Or does the former count as a bit too furry?

I guess my first introduction to erotic comics was through old Penthouse magazines and sneaking a look at Wicked Wanda in the back pages. She was so cool, big hair and boobs and man, she had a nasty streak. I thought she rocked. In later years you got Sweet Chasity but she was not nearly as cool as Wanda. A serious lack of man bits though. 

Yaoi is cool (good description of what yaoi is here) but, while I do enjoy reading it, some I have found a bit squiwk as I do like my heros to look like men… you know, chest hair, maybe a beard… sometimes they just look too young and I feel like this. Young man!

Imagine my delight at finding Ismael Álvarez. His work is simply beautiful. He does work for magazines, the internets, comics and commissions. He also has a fotolog which I spent some time looking at..ok a LOT of time. heh. I can only say in my defense I think he is pretty damm hot. Merow. He has a really interesting blog and while rifling through it I discovered he has a really nice lounge with shelves for books, I do have a total book shelf fetish. So off topic…

Now, after viewing all this delicious goodness my question is this. Can you imagine doing something like Laurell K. Hamilton did and turning some m/m ebooks into a graphic novel? With Caution? My Fair Captain? Scarlet and the White Wolf? And not necessarily one artist, there are some stunning works you can check out via here, just be warned there are some rather frank, shall we say, depictions of cock. Srsly, HUge. Keep thinking about this post when I see some of them… ouch! Not sure Nate needs a gihungous one like that, is all I’m saying. There also does seem to be less romance, more of the smexin, and I think they’re missing a niche market, namely me. heh. Not that I don’t like the smex, I so do!

f you’d like to check out some comics and are not sure what to buy check out Gay Comic Geek. He does really cool reviews on youtube of GLBT and Het comics. There are a couple of comic books covered that are not for the feint of heart and some seriously gorgeous art. You can check out Gay Comic Geek’s blog here or on youtube here. So, if you’re not into yaoi but have always had a yen for Batman to be more than friends with Robin, ahem, he might just be worth a nosey!

Here are some other links to GLBT comics online, and ahhh, probably definitely not safe for work. AND not safe at the coffee shop or library either!!!! 

Ismael Álvarez – one of my favourites love his beach stuff and YES his fotolog is a must. There is also an english button to convert as he is all the way over in Madrid, Spain. 
PL Nunn – yaoi and Superman and Lex??? Also does art for Jet Mykles Heaven Sent Series.
Patrick Fillion – Zahn, Deimos and the very cute Camili-Cat.
Mike – some nice blue things on his blog.
Jet Mykles – all sorts of goodness!
Benoît Prévot – does Angel Face, set in the 1920’s. You can check it out here.

Finally, I totally think this might have to be my new porn icon, borrowed from here.. maybe I need to change it to looking… instead of reading???



Both  Ismael Álvarez works posted with permission. 

23 thoughts on “Visual man smexin.

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  1. Hello, babe!

    thanks so much for the post and your beauty words for me and my arwork :).

    I hope you enjoy the next and futures works! 🙂

    A lot of kisses from Spain!


  2. Don’t worry, you’ll hear the fan girl squee coming!!!! Thank you for letting me share your work it truly is just fabulous. :o)

    Besos para ti!

  3. So can I just say how big of a Gambit fan I am I WAS SO PISSED that they didn’t cast his character in the X-MEN movies. IMEAN GAMBIT COME ON!!! Pfft they screwed it up for me.

    Thanks for the links will head there after work to check them out fully!!!

  4. Every time I see the word Fotolog I read it as Footlong. What Is Wrong With Me? Must be the Louisville Slugger. Ok we should totally invite Ismael to a MLM gig. I’m in love with that man with the hand in the pants. LOVE, I tell ya. I’ve been peeking at his work for a while…and the delectable PL Nunn. Mercy.

    Love this post.I’m starting to think that you and I were separated at birth. Like Farhad and Fargone.

  5. That post about the wrk was specifically for you Sarai, I know what you’re like about reading the pron in public. heh.

    LB, I have always felt there was a part of me missing….snort. Oh, and I found some more silvery kinda goodness here. Well, not silver so much as no hair…

    There is nothing wrong with you, srsly. Footlong, I kinda read the same thing several times… as well as spending far to long noseying through his photos. Like candy I tells you.

    Ismael is such a sweetie and I’d like to interview him for the site but need to come up with some ideas that don’t make me sounds like a dribbling fangirl. Have asked *he who knows all* about comics what he thinks, so’s he is thinking.

  6. Just feel a bit nervous, he’s be my 1st interview and would like it to be good. Having performance anxiety. heh. Maybe I need some chicken soup??

    Did you know there is a toe socks group at yahoo?? Good gravy!

  7. Hey. My first interview of Mr. Lanyon. Piece of cake. And I was too ignorant of the facts to be troubled by making a fool of myself. OMG. But it went alright. He was gentle. I bet this will go very well AND there’s certainly plenty to look at!

  8. Can’t type? You watching the pron in the other window??? heh.

    Yeah, I think this might also be a total MLM, what is not to like about mens with hands in pants???

    Did you know Brent Corrigan actually does have a blue star on his very cute behind??

  9. Oh, what a super fun post. I love yaoi manga, but for some reason I never even thought about gay comics. OMG, Sarah, we’re gonna destroy each other’s bank accounts with all the recommendations we’re passing back and forth!!!

    Heh…I speak Spanish…I won’t have to translate Ismael’s site. 😛

    *off to look at nekkid man art*

    Oh, hey…ART…sweet…that’s the excuse I’ll use when my hubby catches me looking at nekkid man drawings. “But it’s ART!”

  10. Cool! I found a translator online through google that is cool. Still worried I asked Ismael if I could put his socks on my blog or something like that. snort.

    I am just reading Secrets and Lies, well trying, in between looking at, err stuff online…

  11. As long as you don’t post his cocks on line…although given that art, and it certainly is ART to me (oh YES), I don’t think that’ll be a problem.

    You should totally doooo eeeeettttt.

  12. To be honest if I saw that coming at me..I’d run. Eeep! Bandy legged much??

    Am having serious rabbid blog bunnie, like plot bunnies… but blog. Sounded better in my head.

    Am convinced… dooing eettt as we type.

  13. OMFG be still my heart they are having Gambit come out in the new X-MEN Movie and It’s going to be played by Taylor Kitsh HOLY SHIT here’s the link (DAMN THAT’s LONG) any who I heart Gambit!!!!!!

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