Weekend smexin in the rain.

I have descended into utter slothfulness and still have jammies on. In fact I may leave them on all day.

I came across a really interesting article about stereotyping at The Macaronis, by author Charlie Cochrane who writes for Linden Bay Romance. I especially liked the John Barrowman quote. An article here about John and I so think he is hot. The Macaronis blog is engaging, thought provoking and well worth a nosey. 

See Ming Lee - Flickr
See Ming Lee - Flickr

Kissing in public is still a problem for some it would seem?? Check it out here at Gay Times UK, and they have the noicest wallpaper

I loved the latest Englor Affair excerpt. Freaking hot and JL Langley is such a tease leaving us at the words …sit up… so damm hot! Leave me hanging, much! Merow. 

Funny for the day?? Imagining how James Buchanan explained the ring in the roof? heh.

I cannot wait for the new Hellboy movie to come out. You can check out the coolest trailers here. Seems Chuck and Hellboy also have a thing for lunch boxes… just like certain other devotees??? 


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