On the internets.

Over at Fiction with Friction they are posting snippets of stories all week. Just read the Jet Mykles entry which is hawt and see there is a sneak peak at some Lanyon and Baumbach goodness in the way of Mexican Heat. Get thee to the site!

Saw an interview with Henry Rollins last night, not this one, but cannot find a link to the one I saw. I find the man strangely alluring… and silvery, and tattooed… 

And, for the inner biblophile… hold onto those books, they might be worth something someday. Check this out, rather interesting!

A couple of interesting *Why the man smexin* articles here and here.


4 thoughts on “On the internets.

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  1. I really liked Jet’s story wasn’t able to read Ally’s b/c I haven’t read anything else by her and it combines 3 guys that WOULD never get together normally so I didn’t want to read it and ruin it.

  2. Thanks! If you want to see what happens to Eric and Bobby next, stay tuned for Saturday

    Sarai, it’s ok to read Ally’s. Really. She doesn’t ruin any relationships. Promise. 🙂

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