Short bits.

I have been reading a few shorter nomable books recently. Small bites of crunchy goodness! My pile of books is breeding I think, like rabbits!!! Lucky me, time off is within sight. 

Matthew Haldeman-Time has a free ebook here called Guys’s in College. Out of all of them my favorite bite is about Jason and Trent, who first appear in Incredible. Jason is a goth who likes to draw Trent, who is in the swim team. Merow. It is hot and cute… and free. Did not quite make it through In This Land which is a part of his online series. The only story I did not really care for was the 2nd to last one because I thought Bruce was a serious, stalker freak. Some funny, cute reading and much smexin. Did I mention free? 

Hot Ticket by K. A. Mitchell was sweet. Cade is doing community service for trashing his ex’s car. Elliot is also doing service, when they meet over the trash heap. I can hear you sigh from here, romantic huh? Cade is pretty feisty and out there but Elliot is his opposite, pretty uptight and inexperienced. There is some freakin hot sex in the car (I think I am fixated and it is all your fault Mr James Buchanan) and I did find it a super enjoyable read. At 97 pgs in pdf it was an afternoon bite.

Sleeping with the Past by Cassidy Ryan was ok. Nathaniel is a cop, in the closet and not looking to leave it anytime soon. When his daughter asks him to help her professor, who is being stalked, his single life is in serious jeopardy. When Nathaniel meets Professor Asher, he feels an instant attraction, but man, there is not much acting on it. The pay off was good, mystery ok but for me it just did not work all that well. While I am a big fan of the tension… sometimes there is nothing better than just getting it on. On the bed, on the floor, on a towel by the door, in the tub, in the car, up against the mini-bar… I am a total perve, yes I know. heh.

I have a pile of books next to the bed and on the laptop. Cannot wait as my break is coming soon and will have a few uninterrupted days of reading and slothfulness. Woot!



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  1. I was really impressed by HOT TICKET. Have you read DIVING IN DEEP by the same author? OMG. *fans self* Hot hot hot. Just don’t read her short e-book CUSTOM RIDE. It starts out really good, super hot, and then ENDS right in the freaking middle. Pissed. Me. Off.

    And what Banis book are you reading now? I have THE GAY HAUNT, but I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet ’cause it’s on my laptop and it’s in that wretched Adobe Digital Editions format.

  2. Oh noes, more books to add to breeding pile! Diving Deep sounds very cool. Went and had a look and it sounds freakin hot!!

    I have the book Lola Dances by Mr Banis at the moment. It is fab…am about 1/2 way through. Super busy at work and cannot read as much this week. Loving your site look BTW. Excellent layout!

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