Weekend smexin and nomable pants.

– Slept in till 10. 
– Got up, coffee and looking at mist down valley. Very pretty.
– Picked up The Back Passage by James Lear in the city (which had arrived the day before. Squee!).
– Book perusing in several shops (Biblophile purrr).
– Lunch at cafe in city. They were playing Prince Greatest Hits. Merow.
– Took a leaf out of Sarai’s book and read my errr… porn in public. Beloved read paper.
– Got to chat to seriously cute coffee guy at cafe about said book, he said he’d read it and that it was cool. I was a bit red faced when he came over with coffee. The characters were at that moment in the hall closest engaged in some srsly hawt smexin. I am sure I had *she is reading porn* tattooed on my forehead (he was also singing Prince at the top of his lungs. What a guy and he had vera nice pants!!!nom nom nom)
– Tried to convince beloved he would also look smexin in some tight jeans… this got a frown and muttering. I was ernest and said he could totally pull the look off. Pisses me off, the man just walks into a shop and everything fits. Meh. There was more frowning and you know THAT look. (told inner 22 year old that now it was time for quiet).
– Now home, fire going, reading and warm.
– I loves my weekend, it is always that much better after an utterly ass week. To celebrate here is some more ass of a different variety, the hot kind. Merow!

PS Best you check out this link for the mens in bed. Freaking hot.



6 thoughts on “Weekend smexin and nomable pants.

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  1. Oy. Those are some nice young men.

    I feel so dirty! How can something so wrong feel so right?? Etc..

    I blush when I read pron in public. OH I found JL Langley’s Broken H, again, in the romance section nestled all snug with the het fiction. SNAGGED it right up and will fling it to the masses some time next week. Isn’t that awesome?!!! Right there with the girl books!

    Off for coffeee….I want to spend a Saturday with you. Sounds fun.

  2. Nah, not dirty at all. More like art appreciation!

    I have just ordered The Tin Star and The Broken H in PB. Should arrive in the next week or so. Am so excited! Cannot wait for them to turn up. Have not been able to find there here…although did find Jen’s suggestion of Dorm Porn AFTER I had ordered it. Now that one I DON’T imagine I’ll read at the cafe. heh.

  3. Not reading DORM PORN at the cafe? Why ever not? 😉 I actually keep all my porn anthologies (about 15) in my nightstand drawer, and I only read those in bed. I don’t even take them downstairs for fear that I will forget and leave one on the coffee table for my ultra-conservative Christian parents to see on a visit. Eek!

    So how was THE BACK PASSAGE? I reallyreallyreally want that one.

    I *finally* broke down and bought a copy of WICKED GENTLEMEN by Ginn Hale. It’s been on my shopping list and my PaperBackSwap wish list since freaking *September*.

    OMG, hubby is watching 10,000 B.C. right now…dumbest movie ever. Lots of LOL-WTF moments.

  4. heh. umm maybe it is the Hugemoungous lettering on the front pronouncing to one and all DORM PORN. te he he. The beloved would refuse to sit with me…he is tolerant… that might just push it a bit though.

    I ummmm, got sidetracked and started reading the Victor Banis that came in the mail yesterday. Did you not hear my squee???? Very interesting book.

    I want the Ginn Hale…let me know who it is!

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