Hot Weather by Matthew Haldeman-Time and sprinklers.

There’s more to summer than just hot weather.

Fresh out of college and new to the working world, John faces reality—spending the rest of his life stuck behind a desk instead of having fun in the sun with his friends. His boss is on his back, his car is breaking down, and the oppressive heat is broiling him alive. There’s no end in sight to his misery.

Tall, slender, green-eyed Keith runs the lunch shift at the local diner, an air-conditioned oasis away from what John’s life has become. Keith’s cheerful personality, constant smile and unbearably sexy body help to remind John that summer is what he makes of it. And with Keith’s cooperation, John plans on making this his best summer yet.

At 60 pages in pdf for moi, this was a wee bite of goodness. It is short but well paced, and while I usually appreciate something a little longer, it was perfect before bed reading.

John is not coping with the heat, the weight of responsibility and the years of work that seem to be stretching ahead of him. The phrase I put away childish things kept running through my mind as I read this and even though John is now an adult he spends a lot of time reminiscing about parties and cheerleaders of both sexes. heh. All his mates are off enjoying the summer and he is at work, in the heat and missing out. 

Keith is sweet, clever and wanting something more from John than he might be willing to give. He is looking for love and is pretty determined to hold back until he is sure of John. Which I thought was cool…not that he does not totally fold when overcome with the smexiness that is John. Merow. The whole building up to the smexin was well done and it was super hot when they’re in the car… John is just nicely dominant enough! 

There is one particular aspect of this novel that I really loved. It was about the journey from childhood into the adult world. Of dealing with responsibility but retaining that sense of wonder and fun. I am such a mush, I know, but I totally dug this in the book. The whole running under the sprinkler thing was very cute!  

Get the goodness here


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