Being human and slashy goodness.

I have it on good authority that slash fiction means people writing fiction online about male characters in fiction and can also be about people IRL. Apparently there was a lot of Spock/Kirk slash around when ST was on. I cannot see the allure of that pairing myself, but I can see the lure of The Professionals slash perhaps?? Josh Lanyon has mentioned this a time or two on his journal.

Anywho, the point is after watching the promo/pilot for Being Human on the youtubes, starting here, maybe I can see potential for it. 

The story is a comedy/drama about a werewolf and vampire who end up flatting together. When they move into their house they discover it is already occupied by a ghost who has died under suspicious circumstances. There were loads of threads for interesting story lines (the ghost’s death, bad vamps, intelligent werewolves, working at the hospital…) during the pilot that looked very cool and this is so the kind of tv show I would love to watch. The two main characters, George and Mitchell, have the most gorgeous chemistry on screen. Maybe it is just my wishful thinking, but wouldn’t that be so cool? Vamp and Were goodness done by the BBC? If anyone else has seen it I’d love to know what you think? Am I being a little bit, totally, wistful??

You can check it out here to watch. And, an online article here and here.



2 thoughts on “Being human and slashy goodness.

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  1. I’ve just finished watching the pilot, and found your blog while looking for more info on the show. I love it – and I would definitely vote for seeing the relationship between MItchell and George taken in a slash direction!

  2. Oh how cool!!! Was starting to feel like the only one in the world! heh. I thought they had such incredible chemistry on screen and it was such a cool and quirky show. I am really looking forward to seeing what they do with it and which direction they go in… also looking forward to the new Sookie Stackhouse on HBO. Love the books so am hoping the show lives up to them.

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