Screen licking.

Is it wrong to want to lick the lead sing of MGMT all over?? Damm hawt bit of smexin goodness…which you can check out here and here. AND you can search here for photos of MGMT…or so I’ve been told.

1/2 way through Hot Weather by Matthew Haldeman-Time. Pretty good so far, it is only short, like 60 pages. A mere morsel! Downloaded Gadarene after seeing loads of reviews, had to check it out. Will be the weekend read. Feeling like I need a J. L. Langely fix…TEA cannot come soon enough, especially after her post at Fiction with Friction… rough sex? She just makes it sound so good?! Am so hanging out for the weekend it has been a week.

Maybe a little screen licken goodness might just make it all better and maybe some Jonathan Rhys Meyers?


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  1. See I just don’t like him (other than the lips) umm the lips now they can stay but he rubs me wrong (get your head out of the gutter) *g* so I am needing a fix. Just finished Heaven Scent LOVED it need something like it??? Any thoughts?

  2. Ohh, check out my librarything link at the top Sarai, it is a link to my online library and has loads of stuff… if you go to my main page and then click on the gay romance tag or just click/cut and paste this…

    I think that Jonathan Rhys Meyers is an acquired taste…I so understand! Am still obsessing over Andrew VanWyngarden from MGMT, makes me think of the Heaven series…

    Andrew VanWyngarden

    Drool on keyboard and everything!

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