Longhorns by Victor J. Banis.

A bawdy love story set on the Texas plains. Longhorns ranges from hard riding action and sex as hot as the blazing Texas sun to lyrical descriptions of the Old West.

As I said in my post down the ways it is so nice for my inner bibliophile to have an actual book in hand. Victor J. Banis has written a grand story and although I did throughly enjoy it sometimes the utopia that was the ranch was a little hard to suspend the disbelief about. But, as is suggested in the introduction, that it is a response to BBM? I’ll take this any day thanks.

Les the, foreman of the Double H ranch, is out on the range bringing in the herd when young Buck, a part Nasoni Indian cowboy rides up looking for a job. He proves himself very capable right from the get go and becomes a well liked member of the ranch through hard work, skill at roping, riding errr…horses and his sunny nature. Les is a constant lure to Buck and he does not hold back with the provocative comments and lingering looks which drives Les just a wee bit crazy. Les finds dealing with Buck’s attraction for him rather difficult, and tends to do much stomping around and surliness which made me smile.

The smexin is hot and you’re so ready for it to happen you might find yourself cheerleading on the sidelines like I did. Loved the angst, fightin words and pretty much the whole book and apart from the utopia meh, it was a cool historical m/m read. The cowboy feel of washing outside in the trough, eating biscuits and riding off into the sunset was vivd. As I was reading, I could not help but think of my absolute fav cowboys from J.L. Langley and am just a bit tempted to do some re reading. This was such a pleasure to become absorbed in and the inner covetous, geeky, bibliophile is seriously content… and maybe there was purring! 

Get the goodness here


I perused through Victor’s site last night and sent him a hi hello, as you do! Imagine my delight (and ok, fan girl squeeing) when I got a reply. I just saw this post at his site and it is definitely worth a look, an article via Publishers Weekly.

Have no idea what to read next. Just know whatever it is I must go to bed early!!


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  1. I am *so* glad you liked this. It’s one of my favorite gay westerns (heh…that’s not a phrase you see very often in real life).

    I had a hard time suspending disbelief at first, and the dialect tripped me up a few times even though I’m a native Texan, but after about 30 minutes I was hooked and read it in one sitting.

    Spread the word. I’ve been trying to get my M/M romance fan friends to read this one for a long time.

    You might also try THE GAY HAUNT, also by Victor J. Banis. Completely different style, and absolutely hilarious.

  2. I left a comment via his site last night, you know hiya, loved book…and the gorgeous man replied. What a sweety!

    I loved the quote, I am such a book geek! I often come down my hallway and gaze at my nice white shelves stuffed with books with a certain amount of pride and *my precious* going on. heh.

    I will defintely try something else by him, even if it is just to slip back into the bookstore and chat with nice young counter boy.

  3. Okay I swear between you and Jen I am going ot have to eat Mac and Cheese forever b/c you are making me go broke!!!! OMG!
    Another to add *sigh* food or gay romance, food or gay romance… gay romance. I’m a sucka what can I say.

  4. My goal in life is to force my friends to spend as much money on books as I do. What fun is the poor house if you can’t be there with all your friends? 🙂

  5. LOL, my beloved just built more shelves. Actually, speaking of which…running out of room again!

    AND, who needs a new couch when one has a new book!!

  6. Love this book!

    As far as accuracy “historical westerns” NO SUCH THING!

    Read Queer Cowboys by Chris Packard to find out how most of this Cowboy Myth is all movie making and early pulp fiction.

    Anyway this book was closest to the early western John Wayne type cowboy I love and simply mixed in all the gay romance on top of it without really changing much from the typical pulp cowboy story arc.

    Love that!

    Oh and Victor is a sweety.

  7. He is the best sweety and pretty bloody funny to! Such a good read. Went back to bk store and ordered The Back Passage. I am sure I saw it there on Saturday but some asshat has nicked it so they’re re ordering. I really like the 20’s as a time period, so looking forward to picking it up!

    Queer Cowboys sounds very cool, have had a nosey online…there were links to a whole slew of books in a similar vein. Dear Friends: American Photographs of Men Together, 1840-1918 looked gorgeous and I am a serious old photo geek…might see if I can pick that one up somewhere!

  8. Oh you will have to post those old photos Sarah.

    OK so I’m reading that EA and so not liking it. DAMN.

    I think I need Longhorns. Someone has been telling me to read it for a while.

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