Getting good book from young and cute.

Did much time wasting time on The Surrealist today, thank you Ally Blue via Lisabea! Total time suck! Heh. My fav was The Cock is Mightier than the Sword, brilliant! Yeah, yeah, puerile I know!

When I was not being lured by the call on the blogs or internets I went shopping. I am a bit of a crap shopper, I go in, I get, I go. Not into too much browsing around, unless it is a bookstore. Now there I could happily spend an hour or so.

Todays mission was to find two books suggested by Jenb after posting here. Book shops here can be pretty crap here but the beloved and I hiked around several blocks and through a whole 3 book stores today in the city. The man has stamina!

I finally found a good GLBT section in the last store and was thrilled to find Longhorns by Victor J. Banis. I don’t have many of my m/m in print really, most are in ebook format. So, to have something in print is kinda great as I have serious coveting issues only another true bibliophile would understand!


Then I had a pretty cool time at the counter. I took the book up and handed it over and this gorgeous young guy (glasses, curly hair, about 1000 yrs younger than me, glasses) said, Hey, this is a really cool book, AND then the girl next to him said, Yeah it is, I loved it. It was so cool and I felt less of a geek than I usually do buying yaoi manga or mooching in the GLBT section. He then took me back over to the table and suggested another couple of books I might like and we then talked about books. He was so passionate about his reading and I am so going back! He gave me good book! The beloved watched on with eyebrow raised, he is such a god, and he did not tell me once to get my ass into gear. A god I tell you!

So, happy with my purchases and settling in for a good weekend of reading and anticipating my online order arriving of this and this. Thanks Jenb! Anyone read The Back Passage? Think I saw that, so might have to whip into the city next weekend and pick it up… :o) Good night for rain on the roof reading.


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  1. Wait, you actually saw a print copy of THE BACK PASSAGE??? Get it, get it!! I haven’t read it yet, but I’ve lusted after it for a year now. It’s supposed to be extremely funny, super sexy, and it’s somewhat of a classic gay mystery.

    Our bookstores here in Texas are crap, too, when it comes to GLBT. There are a ton of lesbian books that don’t interest me, a few gay porn anthologies which I already own, but hardly any gay fiction or M/M romance. I’ve found most of my print M/M at used book stores and online.

    I hope you like your books!!!

  2. Yep, there were heaps of anthologies and lesbian books there also. But there were a few other interesting ones and the book guy was so enthusiastic! There was a selection below the table also of gay humor which I didn’t have a nosey at as we’d spent so much time there already. heh, when we left the beloved smiled at me and said, have you made a friend? Funny guy.

    Can’t wait for my books to arrive, yay!

  3. I’ve got a print copy of The Back Passage. I got it on Amazon. I loved it. It was fantastic. I laughed through the whole thing, in a good way. It really is an excellent historical because I thought it captured the hedonistic attitude prevalent in post-WWI England and the U.S. And Mitch is just delicious. I swear, if a good-looking guy didn’t walk past him fast enough . . . well, sexorin’ ensued. Highly recommended. And, oh yeah, there is a mystery. But that’s not what holds your attention. 😉

  4. I cannot wait to get mine. It should be here in a week or so. God, it takes ages to get anything *down unda*. It is also set in the 20’s?? One of my favorite times periods. Am a total Miss Marple mystery freak! Imagine this is somewhat different though! I liked the tag-line at Amazon – Agatha Christie, move over! Hard-core sex and scandal meet in this brilliantly funny whodunit.

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