Why the man smexin???

This morning on the way to work my beloved asked me, what is it about m/m, gay romance and homoerotic novels that I like so much? So, once home again, I went to the googles to try and organise my thoughts into some sort of intelligent and eloquent answer. After some searching I am not sure I have an eloquent answer but I did find some interesting articles.

Josh Lanyon writes some really interesting things about writing for a female audience here and I liked his quote that M/M fiction is a feminine fantasy of what love would be like between men. Yep, Josh, I agree.

Another interesting article was Scott and Scott being interviewed in 2005 about writing gay romance and, I am paraphrasing badly, how gay men just might yearn for Mr Right, and I guess for me that is part of it.

This article had me ready to move to Germany, I mean what is not to like about a gay porn nachts??  Me likey! I also laughed at the clichéd man love of teh lesbian sex. During this mornings conversation with the beloved, I said, so what is it about the lesbian smexin men like? He paused, and I am sure went off into the “bank” (you have to watch the inbetweeners) and I laughed… I said SEE!!??

More interesting (not wk safe) stuff here and the best quote I came across, was from here via Wired.com columnist Regina Lynn, author of Sexier Sex: Lessons from the Brave New Sexual Frontier, writes that it’s not always about identifying with someone in a scene: “For me, gay porn has always been arousing because of its masculinity. The strength and power, plus the double dose of raw male drive and sexuality, add up to more than the sum of their parts.” 

Yeah, what she said, absolutely but don’t forget the love! Not sure I can be more eloquent than that. I like all the hard male flesh and hot smexin action between two guys. What is not to like? It is often so raw, hot, urgent and unapologetic, not that there isn’t tenderness. The fact that they’re guys and being emotionally available is not always easy and there is elements of forbidden and the angst, who secretly does not love the angst?? AND I am into guys… so what could be better than two together? Feaking hot!


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Stuff at Fab. 
Article at Jump Cut.


From Laura Baumbach

M/M is appealing to straight women for several reason. One –because we like men. One is good. Two is thrilling. Two, I personally like writing it because of the more equal power dynamic. There is no lady in distress, no worry about pregnancy or loss of virtue, and no coy games. Three — when two gorgeous men (romance is fantasy!) decide to make love, if one takes on a more submissive role, it’s what he wants not what society dictates. Again, power dynamics. Four–it’s HOT! Two powerful, gorgeous men sweating and kissing and rolling in the sheets to reach the zenith of pleasure together. Oh, yeah. <g>


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  1. Ditto what LB said. I have enough estrogen-inspired drama in my own life that sometimes a double shot of testosterone in my reading feels really nice. Plus I work at a gay business, so I see men in love every day, and I think it’s beautiful and refreshing.

    I also read some F/F and bi books and watch the occasional F/F or bisexual movie, so my enjoyment of the GLBT genres doesn’t end at the “G”. To me, a relationship is a relationship, and I like reading about all different kinds of relationships between all different kinds of people.

    But I do still have my baser instincts…my id says “two men sexin it up makes my girl parts tingle”. Naughty id.

  2. from someone who just got into M/M I have to say it’s the look at a different side of the relationship. IN M/F one is always weak and one is always strong but in M/M its almost equal… that’s the turn on for me. Both partners are equal both are just as vulernable as the others and both need the other in order to be a strong unit.
    That to me is what is missing with M/F. That and typical gender sterotype crap but anywho that’s my 2 cents.

  3. Absolutely, very insightful Sarai. I totally see that whole gender stereotype and one strong one weak. I think that is why Josh Lanyons Dangerous Ground was particularly good because they were both so incredibly take charge. Best you put that on your list!

  4. Hey I just reread (most) of DG again. What a great dynamic between Taylor and Will.

    Still slowly reading the freebie from the other night. Really enjoying them as well. A bit one note (college dorm..er, very hot), but sheeeeesh, who the heck cares cuz I’m actually reading something!

  5. DG is brilliant is it not??? Might have time to squeeze in a re read before lunch with mum. Yes, a bit one note, but such lovely college goodness??

  6. Thanks for the comment. It is something I have thought about a lot and obviously a few others think about it also, found quite a few other articles but need to read them a little more thoroughly. There was one on yaoi in particular that I cannot seem to find, should have bookmarked, it was very interesting. Ahh, the female psyche!

  7. “It is often so raw, hot, urgent and unapologetic, not that there isn’t tenderness.”

    Um… that kind of hit me about what it is for me. So many times in het sex there is supposed to be this feeling of tenderness. And especially the woman has to be feminine and soft and not get rough or get intense or go for it, or she looks too masculine. So I there is some excitement and a turn on with, as you say, the raw, urgent, unapologetic, sex that naturally happens between men.

  8. Great post. There’s been a similar conversation on my blog recently (check out the comments section of M/M and Romance: Incompatible? and Why I Like It.) I’d welcome comments from any of the posters here.

    I’m always excited to see women talking about why they like m/m. Not because we need to justify ourselves in any way, but because there are a lot of misconceptions about it, and sadly, plenty of people willing to ascribe their own odd notions to us. I think the popularity of m/m is one indication of women’s greater freedom of sexual expression thanks to economic independence and the internet.

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