Fan girl squee and Matthew Haldeman Time.

It is late. I need to go to sleep, but the smexin goodness that is Matthew Haldeman Time is keeping me up. I got Off the Record last night at his Lulu store. I also noticed that you could download Guys in College for free and, lets be honest, free is good.

 I started the 194 pg bit of short story goodness at 8ish and now it is 11.36 and I should go to sleep, I so should but it is just so freakin good. LB? Maybe some short stories are the answer to the reading dry patch???? I also have Hot Weather to go..but I just needs the sleep!

You can get the nacho chip, candy coated, sweet goodness here. 


6 thoughts on “Fan girl squee and Matthew Haldeman Time.

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  1. I’ve never heard of that author (though these books are now on my wish list…thanks!), but I do find that short erotic stories do help break up the monotony. My absolute favorite gay erotica anthologies are STRAIGHT? Volume 2, WORKING STIFF (omg, hott), DORM PORN (yummy college boys), and FRICTION 6. I doubt any of them are available in e-book format though. Email me if you want some that are.

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