In their own words.

I have come across the coolest site, again… I am sure I’ve read it before but must have lost the link. Anywho, it is *Interviews with the heroes and supporting cast of LGBT romance novels* on Alex Beecroft’s site. Very cool. My favs are…

 Johnny from Jet Mykles Heaven Sent series.




 Jay from Snow Angel and Angel Heart by Sharon Maria Bidwell. I LOVE this book. In fact to steal a phrase from Lisabea I HEART this book! And here is Dean’s.



And that beautiful and frustrating man, Jake Riordan. I loved— “what is that scent he wears? Soap, the leather of his jacket, a hint of his own clean sweat”. I just wish August would get a move on!



Others I’d love to see in their own words are more of the Heaven Sent boys, especially Luc. Jake or Nate from J.L. Langleys gorgeous books the list is endless! A super cool site.


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  1. Okay that’s it I am going out this weekend (with my few extra pennies) and buying Heaven Scent series. I can’t stand not being in the loop. Plus I loved me some Lanyon and since he is in the list with Mykles on everyone’s sites I guess that certs it.

  2. I read the heaven series after my 1st manga binge at the end of last year. Yes, a binge I tell you!! I had some serious holiday time and read a LOT of mange. Mainly yaoi kind of stuff minus the squick too young mens.

    Anywho, I really liked the series. They’re total candy coated goodness! You must let me know what you think when you’re done. :o)

  3. YOU PEOPLE ARE EVIL. I just read the inteview and OMG I am so not happy. Damn it. I didn’t read book 3 b/c i am waiting on book 2 and now I want to read bk 2 in Josh’s series b/c OMG you are so evil. *narrows eyes* Evil

  4. Nom, nom, nom! (with evil glint in eye!) I think I read somewhere that she is writing another rock bloke series, I can’t wait. More svelte rock goodness. Merow.

    Are you waiting for the pb versions? I must say I loved the instant gratification of an ebook and I get the ocd bit out of the way by using library thing as a kind of virtual shelf. I do so love seeing my books on my nice white shelves, more merow!

  5. So just finished Heaven Scent and the 2nd can’t think of the name right now. OMG I hate you both seriously no sleep, forgot to eat and damn I am dragging ass today. EVIL seriously EVIL

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