Jumping the Fence by Stephanie Vaughan and but.

Kevin isn’t into guys at all. He’s had a string of girlfriends, done all of the usual things a straight man is supposed to do, so why is he dreaming about guys. And why are his dreams better than any reality with his ladies?

When Ben, the IT guy, starts flirting with him, Kevin isn’t sure what to think. He knows Ben is gay, knows Ben is experienced in the things he only thinks about when no one is watching. When a computer problem turns into a steamy encounter, Kevin tries to go back to being totally straight. Can Ben convince him that dreams can become reality?

Quite possibly some spoilers ahead>>>

This is a rather hot book and I was so on the edge of my seat waiting for the *big* moment. Stephanie Vaughan has created an excellent sense of anticipation between the two heroes and they’re very likable. But, I did have a few problems with how it all panned out and have felt a bit conflicted about whether I was feeling the love or the meh. 

Kevin is straight and wanting less uncomplicated sex without the hassle of “female” drama. Ben has gone through some pretty unpleasant stuff with his family, coming out as a gay man, and relationships that have not always worked out. While working together they find themselves attracted to one another and end up in some seriously hot making out sessions, much angst and the smexin.

But… I found the whole part about Kevin being straight incredibly hard to get past. If he was closeted, even to himself, I felt that there should have been more back story to deal with this or even show some hint in the past. Some of it seemed a little rushed and sudden and I was not even feeling the whole *doesn’t matter what sex you are we’re soul mates* vibe. Ben is comfortable with himself and it just seemed as though Kevin was looking for someone who’ll go down on him who’d enjoy it, which so did not entrance my romantic wee soul. Kevin of course redeems himself and there is much love and coming out, but it really stuck in my head. Teddy Pig writes this interesting piece on straight to gay dichotomy in romance and I did think about it often while reading the book. 

I did enjoy the book and it is a good read even for that whole heart thumping anticipation which she wrote so incredibly well and is a thing that I do so enjoy. But I guess I wanted a little bit more from the characters at times and I just had a hard time believing the whole fence jumping angle. For all this, it is a pretty smokin read and worth checking out.

Get the goodness here and here.

Here is some more but for your viewing enjoyment.


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  1. I read JUMPING THE FENCE a couple of months ago and absolutely *loved* it.

    Kevin’s determination to call himself “straight” makes sense to me because I have a really close personal understanding of Mexican culture. But the author messed up here by making it very obvious that Kevin’s family *wasn’t* the typical Mexican Catholic family. So, in that context, it didn’t work so well for me. Kevin was basically just using his family as a very lame excuse to hide from himself.

    Other than that…wow…loved this book. I need to go back and read it again. I also really want to read the sequel.

    Oh, and the pic…damn. *drools*

  2. It is so round and firm a but, merow.

    As for the book, glad you enjoyed it also! Might just have to check out the sequel also.

    AND, have been watching bits of the making Dieux du Stade on the youtubes, I loves the youtubes….

  3. I love Youtube, too. I’ve been watching yaoi (m/m) anime shows. JUNJO ROMANTICA is the best. It’s a cartoon, but it’s surprisingly hot.

    I only made it through about five minutes of the Dieux du Stade videos though. Just watching the boys pose…so boring! I would rather watch them make out. If you’re bored some day, do a search for “gay kiss” on Youtube. OMG.

  4. Yep, been there and done that…loads of lovely QAF, and there is the one with the guys in this really blue pool and… ok, here is a list of my current pervy favs

    Ummm, have too much time on my hands I think!!!….. because there were more!!! There is a good montage one that has the song fly me to the moon, which is a delight but couldn’t find it. It is drooly!

  5. Oh, I missed this book!

    OK Latino men! One of my favorite subjects and yes yes yes they are excellent fodder for the straight to gay story culturally.

    I have dated a few and I know.

    The Catholic background makes for huge guilt complexes and men who willingly go for sex no matter who the partner is as long as it remains out of the public eye.

    Anyway, I agree. If she undermined the whole traditional set of values from the traditional Catholic Latino family she would lose all that guilt complex goodness that would make the story work.

    Remember straight to gay transitional stories work best with some sort of personal rebellion playing out.

  6. I must say I am quite possibly a fan of Latino men! Not too many down here though. I think that is also part of the allure of James Buchanan’s books. Merow.

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