My new favorite google image search…

I know, I am such a perve, but my new favourite image search is Dieux du Stade

*le sigh* for *le French Rugby Men*

6 thoughts on “My new favorite google image search…

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  1. What is not to like, naked, french, brawny and plays rugby. *le sigh* I particularly like that blonds thighs…big, strong, manly thighs…ok so his as is spectacular and he just looks like he’d go like an energiser bunny. *le perve* heh!

  2. *coming back to stare at the sexy ass tat*

    Nekkid rugby boys. Mmmm mmmm good.

    Feel free to post more of these. I really won’t mind. They will help to cleanse my mind of the horror that was TAN LINES.

    *stares at nekkid boys some more*

    Yes, definitely helping.

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