Cheating Chance by James Buchanan.

Nick O’Malley is an agent for the Nevada Gaming Commission. He’s also a Goth with a hearse he’s restoring, and an ex lover he’s only just getting over. Brandon Carr is a cop with the Riverside PD. Lucky for him, he’s in Vice where his tattoos and biker boy looks serve him well.

The two meet at a Goth convention in San Diego and the sparks fly immediately. So much so that a weekend fling turns into more and Brandon spends his four day weekend visiting Nick. 

Things aren’t all sparks and roses though: the two do live a nine hour drive apart, and Brandon’s not out. Add to that a murder right in front of them, a company trying to cheat the system and the Mexican Mafia, and Brandon and Nick’s relationship will need to overcome a whole slew of obstacles in order to work.

Despite everything, can Brandon and Nick make a go of it? Taken a chance on these two and find out.

Having just finished, and throughly enjoyed, The Good Thief I really wanted to read something else by this author. I was intrigued by what he had said about one of his heroes at Nose in a Book on Man Love Monday. He felt that Brandon was a bad boy hero and as I had a penchant for boys of the bad variety I had to grab it.

Brandon is a gay cop and closeted. He works in a place where people rely on each other, often in life and death situations. To come out as a gay man is not on his to do list. He just does not feel there would be the same level of respect and support or “brotherhood” if he did and that he would be treated differently. This is a huge source of conflict for our two heroes with no easy answer in sight. He has a bike, drool, tats and is such a bad ass. 

Nick is gorgeous. Long black hair and occasionally prone to long frock coats and sinfully tight pants. Meroow! After breaking up with his shite of an ex he has a hot encounter with Brandon while at a conference. Nick is comfortable with his sexuality and out but his ex has left him with a few issues with his self esteem. He is so strong in other ways but when it comes to Brandon he is more vulnerable because of the strong attraction and feelings he has for him. They continue their relationship long distance with Brandon’s visits meeting with varying success and a murder. Dealing with Brandon being in the closest is especially hard for James who just wants to be with him. Their careers are a big part of the story and the tightness of detail of gaming and law is good without always being too overpowering. 

The sex is incredibly hot and is a strength of Buchanan’s books. I have not read such good back of the car smexin in…well, ever. The scene was hot, and urgent and there was need that kind of leapt off the page. This is not to say that it was at all emotionless or porny it was about trust and attraction and just so srsly hawt! I also enjoyed the use of other errr…customs??!! which I’ve not really come across before, being so sheltered and all! heh. But it really was good …and it was hot…and James gives such good read! 

Get this goodness here.


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  1. STOP everything cuz, lady, that photo..ok it’s true that I threatened my children with the “if you get a tattoo I’ll pierce my nipples and show your friends”…but the reality is THAT IS SMOKING FUCKING HOT.

    ok sorry.

    Hey nice. I need to pick up some more James Buchanan. Back of the car????Hmmm…sintriguing.

  2. Nipple piercing is not for the faint of heart, it hurts like hell…or, er, so I have heard! Crazy, misguided youths do this sort of thing..when being crazy and misguided. And then there is the whining and moaning at 3 in the morning (after the booze and clubbing buzz has worn off), and moaning not in a good way about how much said piercing fucking hurts and why the hell did you let me do that? Silly youfs!

    I shall have to send you pics James I thinks, they are not to be missed in my honest opinion! I keep wondering if I have added to many and it is making my blog clunky to dwnld??? I also posted one pic, and then changed my mind twice before I was satisfied, as you do when you have too much time on your hands!

  3. Sarah, as someone who recently had her nipples stitched back on…it’s very unlikely I’ll go through with the treat…actually…all I have to do is show them my new ones! OMG I should have tattoos put on my scars! OMG. Although..that sounds painful.

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