DIK is over.

Am missing my daily race home to check out who picked who in teh DIK and if I managed to get my bloke. I did do quite well however…



Clay, from Bitten by Kelley Armstrong. One seriously uber, alpha werewolf!




Nathaniel from the Anita Blake Vampire series by Laurell K. Hamilton. Everyone needs entertainment right???



Barinthus, from the Meredith Gentry series by Laurell K. Hamilton. Who else wouldn’t want a bloke with all that blue hair????



 Beautiful Lucas from Purgatory by the delightful Jet Mykles.




 The mysterious and elusive Jericho Barrons from the excellent Fever series bu Karen Marie Moning.



My favorite manga couple from Haru wo Daiteita. Maybe I could just take them both??? Katou and Iwaki.



And finally, and lusciously, Taylor MacAllister from Dangerous Ground by Josh Lanyon. Still having hot pool flash backs!

So, missing the DIK, but reading loads. Finished James Buchanan’s  The Good Thief the other day. Picked it up after seeing him post about hero types at lisabea’s on Man Love Monday. Excellent reading! Will post a review over the weekend hopefully! I also flew through Soul Mates by Jourdan Lane after seeing  review at Jen’s site. As I am such a reading machine at the moment, I also did Tory Temple’s Heat, more hottie fire blokes. Did read a few others but cannot think of titles off the top of my head. Love to know what everyone else is reading at the moment??? For me, Walking Wounded by Lee Rowan.


4 thoughts on “DIK is over.

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  1. I miss Dik now too.What should we do next? I’m thinking of this really lame blog tag…

    Hey, James is getting good press from our wee circle. Yay for James!!

  2. Yay indeed. I thought it was a groovy read, the pooch was a seriously cute touch. I really enjoyed reading his hero dissertation also, very insightful. I’d like to have a wee read of his other one Cheating Chance, I went a bit drooly at how he described one of the heroes.

    I did see you’d reviewed it JenB, great minds and all that! I am totally enjoying reading your thoughts.

    Have either of you read W.A. Hoffam, Raised By Wolves Series?? Gay Pirates and apparently quite good.

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