Love Match by Keira Andrews.

The real action is off the court…

The only thing on Luke Rossovich’s mind is winning pro tennis tournaments. That is, until the day Jesse McAllister shows up in the locker room. Luke can’t get the young blond out of his head, and soon they team up on the doubles court. Before Luke knows it, he’s letting Jesse into his bed — and his heart.

Jesse doesn’t see why they have to hide who they are from the world, but Luke has been in the closet for years. He’s a household name with millions in endorsements to think about — no way is he going to admit to being gay. But as his secret relationship with Jesse deepens, the rules of the game Luke’s played so well suddenly seem to be changing….

I read this gorgeous bit of goodness a week or so ago and loved it. I have been trying to find other novel length books by Keira Andrews and so far no luck. There are 2 others where I purchased Love Match at Loose id but if you’ve any joy, do email or post!

Luke should be at the peak of his career but something is holding him back from attaining that success that he so desperately wants. He is pretty firmly closeted, even with his family, and feels that his endorsements and image are more important than being out. This sounds a bit cold, but there is more to it I think. After his lover died suddenly he is left very much alone in the intense world of the International tennis tour. Even though he has friends, most of them do not know he is gay and I guess there is that sense that he is keeping a part of who he is locked away.

Jessie is young, ambitious and beautiful. He catches Lukes eye and even though he knows it will be so not a good idea, Luke agrees to play doubles with him in an effort to improve his game. Their practices are laden with tension and long looks. Luke learns that Jessie is gay but is reluctant to start anything. His judgement does get heaved out the window you’ll be happy to know and there is much smexy goodness. 

I do hope Keira Andrews writes a few more novel length stories. I thought that overall the writing was tight, the story was well paced and it had a really satisfying conclusion that made me just do a big ole sigh. I throughly enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more by this fab author.


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