Seeing and reading.

I finally picked up my new glasses last night and I can actually see again. I am such a slack ass and had not been to sort it for 4 years. Terrible I know! I think I made my younger brother just a little nervous a few weeks ago driving home from a show in the rain, hunched over the dash and squinting into the night. His knuckels were just a tad white, heh. My beloved likes my new glasses and reckons they’re a bit like David Tennant’s glasses on  Dr Who. I think this is a compliment?? He does so lurve the Dr. Sexy geek chic!  

This week I have picked up a few anthologies. Scared Stiff with Laura Baumbach, William Maltese, Josh Lanyon and Sarah Black. I have not read the Maltese as yet but I really liked the other three. I thought Rhys and Sam from Josh Lanyon’s book were a delight and I have a real soft spot for Sam. Sarah Black’s story was lovely. A story about another chance at love and historical ghosty badness. Laura Baumbach does a hot tale in Soul Desire. Despite not having read one of the stories as yet (or I would never get any sleep) this was a fab read and well worth picking up.

The 2nd one I picked up was Arresting Developments by Josh Lanyon, James Buchanan and L. Picaro. Josh has Tim and Luke looking into an freaky old memory from when Tim was younger. Luke is a cop and his spidey senses start tingling at Tim’s spooky story retold during a dinner party.  It is so worth reading for Tim coping (or not coping) with camping and thinking he is lost, heh. I identified lets just say. In  James Buchanan’s tale Rick has just left his prick of an ex and is working the border in New Mexico. Augi, is the brother of his best friend from High School and is participating in some rather questionable activities when they run into each other. I loved the attraction Rick felt for Augi and there was this hint of forbidden as he was his best buds younger brother. Super hawt tension! I am looking forward to reading some more of this authors work. The last story I was not as keen on. I understand the constraints of a short story but for me it lacked tension, which is a must for me as a reader. I reckon Marc would have been interesting if he had held out or been more standoffish and hesitant. I dunno, it was just one that did not speak to me personally as a reader.

All in all a good week so far for reading…and seeing! If you have not already, you should check out the totally cool post Lisabea and  James Buchanan did on hero types. It is an excellent piece. Not sure which one is my fav, although I do love the accidental beta hero and the redemptive is so cool. I lurve the character of Zsadist!!!! Maybe the broken hero, I do so pine for some Jake goodness or is that badness?? Happy reading.


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  1. Hey, Sarah, Rhys was supposed to be my last pick for the DIK…I mean, he had me at “socially retarded nephew”…but I couldn’t resist Jack Sparrow. So I booted Rhys (Rice) out de door. Poor baby…BUT JACK SPARROW~ heh.

  2. I love me some Josh. Both these books are on the wishlist. Not sure what i think of anthologies but maybe I should look into them more… I might find some authors I have to have?

  3. LOL ignore the first comment I have lost my mind… Gawd I need more sleep and coffee… *sigh* I’m still wiggin out over My Fair Captain I loved that story…

  4. heh, I know how you feel Sari, I am poked this evening. Going to crawl into bed soon with a book.

    I kinda like anthologies, but generally prefer something a little more meaty that I can spend hours reading. I read really qucikly too so if it is short it does not last long in my wee paws. They are nice between reads if you’re seriously jonesing for an author like Lanyon or Langley, something to tide you over! I am such an addict.

    It’s been a month or so since I read the Fair Captain so might be due another re read. I seriously don’t know how I can hang out that long till the next installment, TEA. Please, some nice editor take pity on me and publish it sooner!

    Reading James book about the thief and the cop at the moment. Pretty cool!

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