Purgatory by Jet Mykles.

Lucas Sloane defines beautiful for Reese. Tall and sleek with gorgeous red hair and deep, dark eyes to drown in, it’s no wonder that the famous bass player is the hero of many a starry-eyed teenager’s dreams.

Reese used to be one of those teens. Back when Heaven Sent was no more than the house band for the local club, Purgatory. Back then, it was easy to get to know Luc. To become friends with him. Somehow, Reese found the courage to take heart in hand and confess his love to Luc… only to be soundly rejected. Luc wasn’t gay. Not long after, Heaven Sent left town and skyrocketed into rock and roll stardom.

Now, six years later, Luc is back in town for a visit and more gorgeous than ever. Surprisingly, he not only apologizes for his treatment of Reese years ago, he comes onto him. Seems Luc’s discovered the pleasures of being with a man and wants to know what it’d be like between the two of them.

But Reese can’t. He just can’t. He lives the straight and narrow. He teaches high school. He’s got a girlfriend. He has a normal life. He can’t be gay.

Of course, it’s really very hard to deny the man who’s defined everything beautiful in Reese’s artistic mind. Okay. No one has to know about it, right?

I fell for Reese right away. 6 years before he was laying his heart on the table only to have Luc push him away. Crushed, he has put everything he ever was away and tried to fit himself into a resemblance of what he thinks he should be.

Aww, I love the whole wounded and not admitting it hero. He is so sweet and just a tad repressed, you just want to muss his hair. Luc, in the meantime, just leaves him hanging and swans off to fame and stardom. Bad man.

Luc is arrogant, demanding and I just loved him as a character. He knows what he wants and is determined to get it at all costs. He is such a hottie and and I thought the red hair a particularly nice touch! In the past 6 years he has become more comfortable with his sexuality and wants that elusive one that got away, well, that he pushed away. Luc comes back and is surprised to find the former blue haired Reece is now a very buttoned down teacher who has given up his art. Intent on undoing a few of those buttons and shaking Reece up a bit, Luc is so the man for the job. Butter and bagels, oh my! 

The ending was well done also, less of a immediate HEA and more of Reece beginning to be who he was meant to be. I was going to say *he found himself through exploring his innermost self* but it sounded kinda pervy…heh.

 After reading Man Love Monday last night, I decided to do yet another re read of this book. 3rd time I think and every time is just as good as the last. I really like this series and I think the books as a whole all compliment each other really well. Gorgeous, smexy goodness that you must read! I also noted that you can get the books in print with the PL Nunn covers at Amazon and Loose ID, but it does look like the ID had sold out. 2 for the price of one. Noice! 

I shall leave you with my Luc vision.  


4 thoughts on “Purgatory by Jet Mykles.

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  1. Ok. Who is that hot piece of…? I mean HELLO! Heh.

    This is a sweet little book. My only problem was the teaching thing (private school firing Reece over his gayness ). My kids go to private schools, and maybe this is because New Englanders are just the coolest kids on the block, there are gay and lesbian teachers. It’s no big deal to the students. Or the parents. Hard for me to wrap my mind around the southern bible belt mentality when I live in a place that’s (far) more open.

  2. It is mostly the same here, I think we still deal with quite a bit of prejudice however but I hope it will change. I love to that we have the civil union bill, which although not perfect is still a start.

    I did not mind too much the private school fire, bit of conflict and I got to do my boo hiss from the sidelines. Not to say I agree with it, just like a villain to revile.

    The bit of hotness is Jonathan Rhys Meyers and he is even cuter when he opens that pouty mouth and talks, I lurves is accent!

  3. Le Sigh yet another one to pick up. I have been debating on this and now I must go see what has the other Sarah all in a twitter.
    Alright heading off now to see if the Library has this *rolls eyes* doubt it but hey I’ve gotten lucky there before…
    Head out of gutter I meant about finding books *winks*

  4. heh, lucky at the library eh???

    My library is pretty fab and orders loads of different things in for me. Good luck with yours! I read them all in ebook form on my wee laptop. Can be a little unweildy, but it suits at the moment.

    Let me know if you enjoy them, they’re like candy, I could not stop at just one!

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