The weekend.

The 1st week back at work is always the most difficult. Have had the nicest sleep in, the man is watching tv and the other has yet to arise so the house is a conflict zone free. Peace and serenity reign for a while. 

I have added some more movies to my vod pod down on the left. Not sure they’re all entirely work safe but enjoy! One is of Gackt who I do a bit of a squee over. I really have no idea why but he is just kinda smexy and whilst on stage occasionally macks on his bandmates. Love it! Totally cheesy clips! He also has the most fabulous hair, always.

After reading Ally Blue’s interview on Man Love Monday at lisabea’s I have also added some Placebo. I have never really read any slash before either so had to do some investigation last night and I really had no idea! I am such a slash virgin! Viggo and Orlando take on a whole new light. I wonder if I could find Gackt and Hyde slash?!?! Meow!

Happy rain on the roof reading.


4 thoughts on “The weekend.

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  1. Hey!
    Happy rain on the roof reading, and I hope your construction project is going well. Got your pick yet? I’m guessing Keri Arthur. But I could be wrong. So, pop over to MaryKates…You’re up!

  2. OMG we are stalking you Sarah. Hhehehe. See what you got yourself into with this lot? I’m also wondering if you told me and I forgot (likely). CJ is Captain DIK. Hm.

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