Death of a Pirate King by Josh Lanyon

I must be a little blind or something as I did not notice this little morsel at one of my favourite authors sites. I am not sure I can wait till August when this is out. Seriously, I CANNOT WAIT! I am quite possibly turning into a rabid fanyon! You can check it out here. You can also check out some of his latest excerpt here for a new one called I Spy…

After reading the pirate preview I had to go and look for some pics of the beautifulness that is Steve McQueen. So, enjoy…


10 thoughts on “Death of a Pirate King by Josh Lanyon

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  1. Oh did it not SLAY you? I LOVE Jake. He just destroys me. I’m such a masochist.


    I’m convinced that the professor is a horrible lay. Right? Pffft.

  2. Oh absolutely a horrible lay. I am sure even ill Adrien would be jonesing for Jake and not just laying there in bed listening to him talk to his mother… I have a vivid an imagination.

    Do people really disapprove of fanyon? I think its hilarious! My hat has feathers AND a bell and I do look damm good in moss green.

    Josh also linked to this and I just love the opening credit music at the end of the clip, whoka chicka whocka chicka ….. my fav has to be Bodie.

  3. OMG lmao. That bell comment. I was soooo mad at that man. I mean, please, have a sense of humor for the love of PETE.

    Heh. I’ve decided that I don’t just Love to Hate Jake..I hate to love him. I can’t wait till the HEA. Right?

  4. When I was reading the bit on the pirate king where he was just looking at Adrien, waiting for him to say something it was just heart breaking. Love to hate, totally. JL is the master of torturing his green t-shirted, hat wearing fans. I wonder in whining will make him hurry the release up sooner, I can whine, really well.

  5. J~Can I help it if I prefer Jake to Snowdull? Pfft. Professor vs.Hot Cop? Pu-leeese.

    Sarah~That’s why I posted that quote. OMG. He’s just waiting for Adrien to destroy him. and he already has. What torturous hell is Josh going to put us through now??? And why am I rubbing my hands in anticipation. I’m telling ya: total masochist.

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