Desert Island Keepers and my new Tardis Handbag

Over at one of my fav blogs that I lurk around most days, Nose in a book, there is a Desert Island Keepers list. Made me think about what I would bring in my hastily packed, before jumping off ship, swimming through shark infested waters, in bikini erk!, nearly drowning, getting salt in my hair and split ends, tardis bag…

I would be very polite and perhaps ask if I could borrow the divine My Fair Captain, The Hell You Say, Lover Awakened (drool), Lord of Scoundrels, The Warlord, Demon Night (sigh) and The Spymasters Lady as I have not read it yet. Anything that is not nailed down my Josh Lanyon, (my name is Sarah and I am a Fanyon) I promise not to crease teh spines and be very careful! AND, what to take?


1. Mr Perfect by Linda Howard. It is worth reading this gem once a year to get some nekkid Sam the cop in the kitchen time. He is such a hottie. This was sent to me by a friend in the US in hardcover a few years ago and gets passed onto many folk.

2. Dream Man by Linda Howard. I am really not sure what it is about this one. Maybe it’s because Dane is such a snot and just butter in Marlie’s hands.

3. James and Ethan would have to come too. The Tin Star by JL Langley. What would an island be without some smokin cowboys?? I would have to borrow Nate and Aidan, noice!

4. And, because I am sure the trip is after The Englor Affair by JL Langley is out and you just know its going to be good, I’ll just have to be a bit cheeky and say I’ll take that! You can check out TEA updates, as I do with great regularity, here.

5. I think The Leashed series by Jet Mykles is one of the best written mansandwichs I have perused. So I would definitely be taking Leashed 2: More than a bargin.

6. And finally, Dream a Little Dream by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Both Gabe and Rachel have the whole damaged thing going on and I just love re reading this one.

I guess if I was really lucky, my handbag would be just like the tardis and I might just be able to shove a few more books in there. I would need at least one comic, and that would be Youka Nitta’s Embracing Love/Haru Wo Daite and if the tardis bag was in working order it would have to be the whole series.

Some lovely reading, minus the rain on the roof of course!


7 thoughts on “Desert Island Keepers and my new Tardis Handbag

Add yours

  1. Oooohhh – Mr. Perfect. I love that one! I have two copies – one in hardcover and one in paperback and it was tough having to leave both of them behind – but After the Night nudged it out by the thinnest of hairs.

  2. I adore Linda Howard and if the handbag was truly tardis like her whole back list would have to be in there! I really like After the Night, that is a once a year re read too!

  3. Hi Sarah!
    I’m sorry its only taken me two weeks to hop over here to check out your blog and DIK list! And I must say its a nice one! I’m familiar with many, but haven’t read any of them, so I’d be looking forward to some new material. Have we actually found a desert island big enough for all of us and our men?

    p.s. ‘Fanyon’! Too clever. I love it. 🙂

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