Henry Rollins – Renaissance Man

Henry SingingLast night the husband, younger brother and I went to see Henry Rollins and his spoken word show. I had never really seen him before, or heard of his band for that matter as I am such a girl when it comes to music. To show me who he was I was played a clip of Henry whaling on some jerk inebriated fan at a concert. Noice! I was not looking forward to it that much but am happy to do anything to loose the label, *I don’t get out much*.

We arrived late and had to sit in the gods on crap vinal seats. It was hot and I was just a wee bit cranky. But, that all went away as soon as this amazing man came out and started to talk. He went at it hard for just over 3 hours and I just sat and listened. Incredible. He was by turns laughing my boobs off funny, serious, cute, philosophical and just plain old mesmerizing. He talked so fast and did not really stop for the whole 3 hours (unless he had to deal with two himbos in the middle of the audience, very deftly I might add).

By the time I got out of there my ass cheeks were so numb we had to be reintroduced and my back was wet with sweat due to the vinyl seats. Eww! It was so fast and dense, that as I was sitting in bed last night little bits of his words would pop into my head as I was reading. I’d have one of those hmmm??!! moments. It was brilliant and I am terribly glad I went.

“When life hands you a lemon, say “Oh yeah, I like lemons. What else you got?” Henry Rollins

PS – Thought he was totally hawt!


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