Widgets and Kisses


I has a widget! Not that it took me like a squillion hours or anything to make it go!!! I think I was suffering from technical ineptness yesterday.


There are three clips at the mo. One is from Go Go G-boys, a film from Taiwan I saw. While not the sort of film that will be the years triumph of the human spirit at the oscars, it is rather cute and just a bit silly and I loved it! You can check the movie out here and here… The clip is the musical theme for the movie and has gorgeous blokes running round in wings and singing and smooching. Noice!


The other two are from Torchwood and the smexy Captain Jack. If you’ve not seen it, do. It is well worth seeing. It is produced in part by Russell T. Davies who also does Dr Who and a few years ago did Queer as Folk.

One has James Marstersin there of Buffy fame and the hottest start to a season of TV. The other clip is kinda set in WW2 and might keep us going until Josh Lanyon’s Esprit de Corps comes out in October. Not too much info at the moment at MLP but it has some other fab talents like JL Langly, Dick D and Samantha Kane. Cannot wait…till then, check out the my widget on the bottom left of the blog.



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